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Gemma Smidmore

Colour Of Queen – Master Colourist

After a three year apprenticeship at Vidal Sassoon, Gemma realized that she had found a true niche working with high quality bespoke hair colour. Following Vidal Sassoon, Gemma went on to work at Harrods as part of their new colour talent team, and has extensive experience with many well known colour brands. She then moved on to join the Team at Smiths.

Gemma prides herself on her ability in choosing the perfect colour for each individual. She is very confident in creating the correct look based on skin tone, eyes, current hair colour, and the customers’ personality and style. Gemma jokes that she is quite bossy but feels that her clients always leave with a look that they love, that is cost effective and with the appropriate level of maintenance based on the clients expectations. Gemma is very warm, friendly and fun part of the Smiths Team and is skilled in putting her client at ease. Her current clients range from celebrities to business people and she also undertakes selected TV and session work. Gemma has been part of the Smiths team since 2004 and is responsible for the Smiths Colour Training.

Check out her work – Instagram @colourbygemma