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Waxing and Threading (face only)
Hot Wax Strip Wax
Full Leg £31 Book
3/4 Leg £25 Book
1/2 Leg (upper or lower) £22 Book
Back of Upper Leg £10 Book
Full Body Wax – Full Arms, Underarms Hot Wax, Full Legs, Hollywood, Face, Brow Shape £122 Book
Bikini £19 £14 Book
Extended Bikini – Tummy or Inner Thigh £24 £19 Book
Bikini – Runway £28 Book
Brazilian or Hollywood £38 Book
Underarm £15 £13 Book
Arm – Full £24 Book
Arm – Half £18 Book
Brow Shape £14 Book
Upper Lip or Chin or Cheeks £10 Book
Upper Lip and Chin £15 Book
Upper Lip, Chin and Cheeks £20 Book
Nose wax £10 Book
Hands £10 Book
Nipples £10 Book
Half Back £20 Book
Full Back £30 Book
Abdomen £14 Book
Chest £19 Book
Chest & Abdomen £28 Book
Special Offers & Packages Strip Wax
Brazillian or Hollywood – Buy 2 £68 Book
Brazillian or Hollywood, Underarm Hot Wax & Half Leg £67 Book
Brazillian or Hollywood & Underarm Hot Wax £47 Book
Half Leg (Strip), Underarm & Bikini – Hot Wax £50 Book
Half Leg, Underarm & Bikini – All Strip Wax £44 Book

A complimentary consultation must be booked prior to your first treatment (with us) in order to comply with licensing and insurance

5 mins £12 Book
10 mins £18 Book
15 mins £24 Book
20 mins £29 Book
30 mins £34 Book
Thread Vein & Red Vein Removal (face only): 1/4hr £55 Book
Skin Tag Removal: 1/4hr £55 Book
Milia Removal (small white lumps under the skin): 1/4hr £15 Book


Diamond Touch Micro-Dermabrasion Facial

A progressive, skin resurfacing treatment great for congested skin, open pores, blackheads, pigmentation, blemish scars and acne scars.

1/2hr £48 Book
3/4hr including soothing masque £53 Book
Diamond Touch & Hydradermie Facial

This great combination gives you the best results for a clearer, rehydrated and balanced skin.

1 1/2hr £90 Book
Environ Facials
Ionzyme Active Vitamin Facial

This facial boosts penetration of natural anti-ageing products into the skin The vitamins are driven deep into the skin’s structure, with the result of improved cell renewal and increased production of fresh collagen and elastin, giving softened lines and scars.

1hr £70 Book
1 1/2hr £90 Book
Relaxing Active Vitamin Facial

This facial combines the relaxing power of touch and gentle facial massage techniques to apply the Environ active products.

1hr £55 Book
Peeling Facial

Environ peels are recommended for those with problem/acne skins or for heavily sun-damaged skins.

3/4hr £55 Book
Focus Frown Serum Treatment

This treatment is designed for the eye and forehead area to smooth and soften frown lines, reduce muscle tension and make the muscles less responsive to nerve impulses. Perfect for frown lines.

3/4hr £60 Book
Focus Hydrating Serum Facial

A highly concentrated treatment to treat dry skin, fine lines and sun-damage. This specialist treatment is based on Hyaluronic Acid, which holds up to 1000 times it’s own weight in water. This facial will help reduce lines caused by dehydration and general ageing as it is designed to increase the plumpness of the skin.

1hr £65 Book
Hydradermie2 Facial

This amazing facial uses galvanic and high frequency to give you radiant, healthy, nourished and clear skin It deep cleanses, rehydrates and speed up your skins metabolism Suitable for all skin types.

1hr £68 Book
Hydradermie2 Age Logic Facial

This ultimate facial includes the Hydradermie Facial combined with a three-part treatment on the face, eyes and neck to create a youthful glow This facial will not only tone and re hydrate your skin, it will leave you feeling extremely relaxed If you need to unwind this is the ultimate treat!

1 1/2hr £84 Book
Anti-Ageing Hydradermie Lift

This facial lifts, firms and defines the neck, jaw line & cheeks and smoothes the forehead Your skin will glow with the signs of ageing diminished.

3/4hr £53 Book
1hr £64 Book
Super Anti-Ageing Hydradermie Lift

This treatment combines both the Hydradermie and Hydradermie Lift Express Facials to produce beautifully clear toned skin.

1 3/4hr £90 Book
Anti-Ageing Liftosome Facial

p . The Liftosome facial has been specially designed for mature skin. We use a high concentration of Vitamin C and proteins which strengthens elasticity & firmness and gives an amazing radiance.

1 hr £58 Book
AHA Peeling Beaute Neuve Facial

A Beaute Neuve Peeling Facial uses fruit acids, enzymes and vitamins to smooth the skin by eliminating dead skin cells, leaving a soft radiant skin Suitable for all skins.

1hr £58 Book


Bespoke Dermalogica Facial

Dermalogica facials are 100% customized to you and your skin’s needs. The facial involves a combination of a double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions, massage, masque, and skin protection.

3/4hr £45 Book
1hr £55 Book
1 1/4hr £65 Book
AGE Smart Facial

This anti-ageing treatment gives you firm, smooth, nourished and regenerated skin. A great power boost for those concerned with the signs of ageing.

1hr £65 Book
MediBac Facial

This powerful acne treatment helps to de-congest the skin and jump-starts the healing process. Includes steaming and extractions.

1 1/4hr £68 Book
Ultra Calming Facial

Is your skin looking red, itchy or inflamed? A soothing treatment that includes gentle cleansing, a calming masque and therapies that help instantly calm redness and reduce inflammation.

1hr £65 Book
ChromaWhite Facial

A brightening treatment to enhance your skins clarity and to create a fresher, healthier appearance. Great post holiday.

1hr £65 Book
MicroZone Treatments

A quick fix facial for those short of time.

1/2hr £34 Book

Manicure / Pedicure & Gel Nails

Pedicures – please remember to bring your flip flops!

Geleration – 2-3 Week Manicure
Colour £42 Book
Removal £20 Book
Polish £10 Book
Express Manicure – 30 mins £20 Book
Full Manicure – 45 mins £24 Book
French £26 Book
Luxury – No Polish £30 Book
Luxury £35 Book
Express Pedicure – 30 mins £21 Book
Full Pedicure – 45 mins £31 Book
French £33 Book
Luxury – No Polish £35 Book
Luxury – With Polish £38 Book


Patch test required 48hrs before tints. Please remove your contact lenses. Never wear waterproof make-up on the day of the treatment.

Brow Shape (Threading/Waxing or Tweezing) £14 Book
Brow Tint £10 Book
Lash Tint £21 Book
Lash and Brow Tint £25 Book

Anti-Ageing Eye Treats

Eye Treatment Including Lash Tint £60 Book
Guinot Eye Hydradermie Lift

Preventative and corrective treatment to tone muscles and reduce fine lines.

3/4hr £49 Book
Dermalogica Revitalising Eye Rescue

Diminish fine lines, reduce puffiness & dark circles and soothe irritated tired eyes.

3/4hr £49 Book

Body Treatments And Massage

Guinot Detox Aromatic Body Minceur (Waist to Knee)

Targeting cellulite prone areas, this body contouring treatment combines relaxation with the detoxing and slimming benefits of anti-cellulite essential oils, massage and natural mineral clays. Unique to this treatment is the mineral body mask for the thighs, abdomen and buttocks that refines, stimulates and firms the skin.

1 1/4hrs £68 Book
Luxury Salt Body Polish

An exotic blend of mineral-rich sea salts and aromatic oils will remove superfluous cells, boost circulation and stimulate cell growth.

1/2hr £25 Book
Deep Tissue and Relaxing Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

Do you have chronic muscle tension or knots? This massage has similar movements to Swedish massage but will be more intense.

Relaxing Massage

Forget commuting and crowds. Take time out to relax with this divine treatment.

1/2hr £32 Book
3/4hr £42 Book
1hr £58 Book
2hr – Includes a Body Scrub and Mini Facial £94 Book
Hopi Ear Candles

Offering real benefits for conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat. A relaxing calming and soothing experience.

1/2hr £32 Book
3/4hr Including Head Massage £42 Book

A complementary therapy, which works by using pressure point massage on the feet. Used to help restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium.

3/4hr £42 Book
Deep Cleanse Back Facials

For that area you just cannot reach. Sumptuous cleansing to leave your back polished, supple and silky smooth with lasting anti-bacterial protection.

Guinot Back Hydradermie
1hr £65 Book
Diamond Touch Micro-Dermabrasion
1hr £65 Book