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Why your hairdresser is your REAL BFF

It’s an unspoken truth inherently understood by all, that our true BFF is NOT our flatmate, fav person at work, or that ride or die chick you’ve known too long anyway..
It is in fact the one person that knows you better than anyone, it is your psychiatrist whom just so happens to be quite good at taming those wild locks. Always ready to grant your every wish.

So it is time to stop looking for your soul mate because you’ve already found them, you just didn’t know it yet.

-WE know your real hair colour (even if you don’t) and just how many greys you have. We can and will turn that Barnet that would give 50 shades of grey a run for its money into Suki Waterhouse MEETS Gisele and has the most sassiest hair child ever. Together we will enhance what mum and dad gave you and trick the world into thinking you woke up like that.

- WE are the most honest people in your lives (second only to mum) nothing is sugar coated. We slap the old wanna be Rachel from friends look out of you and get rid of those tiger stripes because they should never have been seen outside of the 1990s. GIRL THAT look is not 1990s grunge catwalk crushing dream hair, trust in us and you will never be disappointed. Together WE revamp you from that doing nothing for no one hobo look to eyes popping and heads turning dreamy confident sexy version of you.

-Did I mention that NOTHING shocks us? We’ve heard it all and we aren’t afraid to advise.
Hungover, drunk, cheating, falling in love, the latest tails from your lives you cannot wait to tell us and we cannot wait to hear.

-Even if you’re more of a thinker than talker. You can turn up with greasy hair with your less than best early Saturday morning outfit and we still be standing by the door more than happy to welcome you with open arms to your second home (with a cheeky hair of the dog to boot).

- Otherwise known as the miracle workers giving you a little pick me up a blow dry is happiness. In 40 mins flat you go from :( to :)

-Unlike THE ex, we’re in this relationship for the long run. You kinda want to invite us over for a sofa, Netflixs, Pizza and wine date because we are that close but lets not over step the line and come on to strong maybe a pint or cocktail will do.

In dire times like when THE ex has met a new girl or boy or you’ve left a drunken voice mail the night before your due to see him at mutual friends wedding! It’s only your BFF who will be able to wipe away our tears while simultaneously vamping you up to the next level.
So now ask yourself this WHO is your BFF?

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