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There’s so many things we have to think about when colouring our hair!!!
Not just you but do your colour technicians/stylists have your hair best interests at heart?. Remember if you are unsure get a second professional opinion, Most salon offer free consultations – take advantage of this girls.

Time for a change? Time to ask questions? Get involved and let’s fix this problem to get our hair feeling like the Crown Jewels you should be rocking.

• Hair can only take so much and over the years you can find that your hair has become severely over processed!! – Signs of over processed damage, very dry brittle hair, hair breakage/snapping off, Frizzy hair texture (burnt looking), fast colour fade.

• If you have bleach think about changing it for a high lift tint! You may think this wouldn’t be possible but you can still be a blonde without destroying your hair. Most shades of BLONDE CAN be achieved WITHOUT BLEACH.

• Do you use straighteners, tongs, hot tools regularly on your coloured hair? YES! Time to protect – make sure you use a product heat protection.

• How often do you use conditioning treatments?. We recommend our clients use treatments at least once a week.

• Is your colour being overlapped or applied over the top of your colour every time? BAD VERY BAD!!!!

• Are you forever changing colour ?. It might be fun playing around with your hair colour and changing it every couple of months but soon your hair will give up hope and want to leave the party.

• A healthy diet plays a big part in improving the condition of your hair.

Gemma Smidmore for The Little Hair Guide

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